Husky safari under the starlight

A safari under the winter stars makes you all thrilled and excited. Join the adventure and trust the dogs who know their way through the snowland in the dark.

Chasing the Northern Lights the huskies will take you to the snowy woods, through the fields and over the frozen lakes. During the trip you stop on the torch-illuminated island, where a cozy yurt with a friendly host welcomes you to relax and enjoy the stories.

When the sky is still coloured with the dusk, huskies set off to an exciting journey. Every now and then a sudden bark pierces the cold clean air, and then everything is silent again.

In a warm yurt the travellers chat about what they saw and enjoy the taste of traditional flambéed pancakes.
"The yurt is heated with an open fireplace, wich gives a chance to cook the meal right on the spot. We offer tailor-made tours that can include an overnight stay in this homey yurt", says Vuokatti Husky owner, Kimmo Laasonen.

In the headlight

To stay warm during the trip, all participants get a special overall, hat, gloves, and a leather seat cover to use in the sleigh.

The headlights illumnate the way and give enough light for passengers to feel comfortable. No need to worry about getting lost: experienced guides watch the track and smart huskies know exactly where they are heading.

The silent nature

Nothing breaks the silence of nature when you are on a ride. On a cloudless night you can enjoy the stars in the sky and dimly illuminated Vuokatti hills in the distance. The lucky ones get an experience of a lifetime - a chance to see the Northern Lights.

Diligent huskies make a 20 kilometres trip to a Northen Lights adventure.
– We go to Jormasjärvi lake and our favourite yurt also during day trips. Vuokatti HIlls are most beautiful when covered in snow and dimly glowing in the distance at night, says Laasonen.

Safaris to Finnish-Russian border

Vuokatti Husky also invites you to test "Husky Mercedes" and husky cart. The first safaris start when the snow covers the ground. When the snow conditions become better the route increases up to 6 km. In mid-winter, safaris extend to several-hours trips.

About 80 friendly hard-working dogs are happy to greet and accompany you even to the longest trips. In late winter and spring, strong huskies can take you to the Finnish-Russian border area.

 The longest safaris last for 8 days and include meals and accommodation provided by Suomussalmi partner companies. These trips attract many customers from Sweden and the Netherlands.

"During these trips it's really rare to meet other travellers: the rout goes deep into the woods and towards the national border", explains Kimmo Laasonen.

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