Vuokatin Aateli Race

Roller skating in Vuokatti

Asphalted pavements and roller-skiing tracks, as well as Vuokatti Rising track are ideally suitable for roller-skating.
The roller-skating track of Vuokatti Sports Institute situated on a lower terrain has been renovated in summer 2014.

Four-kilometre track is in perfect condition, and has connection to other routes in the region, which gives opportunity for making a longer trip.

If you think that is too easy, challenge yourself going up the Vuokatti Hill on the rising path. Its length is 2,5 km, with vertical drop of 160m. The angle is 7%, and the asphalt is kept in perfect condition to facilitate the way up.
Roller-skates for rent are available in Skike GoVuokatti offices.


Vuokatti roller-skiing track

- basic length – 4km
- total ascending track length – 106 m
- total vertical drop – 26 m
- highest vertical drop – 21 m

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