Snow sports Tunnels

The world’s first Tunnel for indoor skiing was opened in 1998. The thought-to-be-crazy idea proved to work and started being copied everywhere. Vuokatti special innovation appeared as a result of the desire of many skiers to have better training conditions in summer season.

In addition to skiers, also sleigh riders and ice sculpture also have contributed to the idea.

Enthusiasm about the Tunnel proved the success of Vuokatti’s experiment. Snowboarders got their own tunnel in 2000. Situated on the Western Slope, the snowboarding tunnel is 80 meters long and 20 meters wide. The vertical drop in the tunnel is 19 meters. The snow in the tunnel is perfectly suitable not only for snowboarding, but also for snow tubing and all sleigh sports.

Vuokatti skiing tunnel

-1,2 km long

-8 m wide

-18 m vertical drop

-51 m total ascending 

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