Safarit Vuokatissa

Adventure safaris

Come and join our adventure safaris that will take you to Vuokatti forests, lakes and rivers. Feel the power of water in one of reliable RIB-boats that can speed up to 100 km/h with 550 horsepowers, when taking you through the lake.

Snowy landscapes are perfect for a snowmobile drive. During summer, adventure-lovers change snowmobiles to ATV and off-roaders.  For peaceful activity try a husky ride, snowshoe hiking or a ride on Icelandic horses.  In summer husky will pull a car for you, or you can try a scooter-safari.

Programme services offered by various activity companies range from a farm visit, to a guided fishing or hunting trip and kayaking excursions.


Weekly programme

Vuokatti activity companies provide a wide range of group programmes and tours. Regular weekly programmes include various activities and tours and welcome individual tourists to join in.

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