Keilausta Vuokatissa

It's a strike!


What can be better than a fun evening of bowling competition with family and friends? The best way to enjoy the ending of your perfect day in Vuokatti is to gather together for a family bowling Cup, where the winner can be the oldest, or even the youngest player – you never know until you try. Fenced lanes make the game more enjoyable for children.

To play bowling in Vuokatti area there are Vuokatti Bowling with 16 lanes or to Holiday Club Katinkulta with 6 lanes. In Vuokatti Bowling you can switch between bowling, billiard and darts, or book a private evening to enjoy the time with your friends.


X-perience tournament

Vuokatti Bowling holds annualy bowling X-perience toiurnament, which takes place during week 8 of skiing season, when best Finnish bowling players come to Vuokatti to compete. The main attraction for them is a well-organised competiotion and, of course, the cash prize.

X-perience is the second largest in Finland annual bowling tournament. The overal sum of prizes equals to 26 600€.

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