Angry Birds Activity Park Vuokatti – seikkailupuisto kaiken ikäisille

Angry Birds Activity Park

In Angry Birds Activity Park Vuokatti everybody can have fun. Indoor activity park offers games, toys and adventure theme zones. Angry Birds adventure tracks take you through tunnels, rope climbing to go up and slides back down. In Angry Birds town children can ride cars and bikes.

Game Arena will test your accuracy skills in football, hockey and baseball. Digiwall virtual games will make everybody dance in one rhythm and give you a chance to check your balance while juggling on a tightrope. In Stella’s Corner compete with others in jumping – who jumps higher and farther?

Vuokatti Freestyle Hall is open for skateboarding, BMX tricks, scooter rounds and even snowboarding. Vuokatti Golf Arena allows to practise golf skills indoors and has a minigolf course. For adults we recommend visiting Forge gym, included into the price of a day-ticket.


In addition to all this, inside the park you can find Robson’s restaurant and Angry Birds and Freestyle Shops. Access to the restaurant and the shops is free of charge.

Angry Birds Activity Park Vuokatti

Lastaajantie 3, 88610 Vuokatti
tel. +358 44 7388 610
Angry Birds Activity Park Vuokatti

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